Kids’ Yoga Journey: I Am Energy

Description of Kids’ Yoga Journey: I Am Energy as posted on iTunes:

Named New and Noteworthy for Education and Kids Games!

Kids’ Yoga Journey Presents: I AM ENERGY

Jump and jive to the familiar childhood tune of “WHEELS ON THE BUS” and let the energy shine from the inside out. In this musical app, we stomp our feet to feel grounded, we sing out loud to find our voice, we feed our brain with good thoughts believing that WE ARE SMART and much more. From the soles of our feet to the crown of our head discover a new energy center by climbing up the rainbow! Perfect for ages 1-6 years old.

Come and follow the wondrous rainbow of colors on each page to discover delightful touch points for little fingers to explore; from flying blue hummingbirds and falling musical oranges to shooting stars, hooting owls and magical words that grow like flowers.
I AM ENERGY fuses hand painted animations with music and technology in a revolutionary new interactive genre for kids. Climb into this Kids’ Yoga Journey adventure to discover that YOU are the real treasure.

Features include:
Dancing Boy (Touch the boy to make him march, wiggle, breathe and more.)
Falling Oranges (Play the musical notes as the oranges fall from the tree.)
Flying Owls (Find the owl in the tree to make the big bird hoot and fly.)
Breathing Tree (Touch the tree to make it breathe.)
Thumping Heart (Touch the boy’s heart to make it thump.)
Catch the Hummingbird (Catch the hummingbird as he flies around.)
Shoot the Stars (Shoot stars into the night sky, and pull the glowing stars down.)
Growing Words (Touch the bottom of the screen to make the words magically grow.)
Original Song by Rachel Glowacki, sung by Bari Koral!
And much, much more!

“Kids’ Yoga Journey is a beautiful adventure into yoga that every child will love.”
(Marsha Wenig, Founder and President YogaKids® International Inc.)

* * *

I Am Energy Review

“I Am Energy with Giveaway”

Source: the iPhone mom

Posted on December 5, 2011

Kids Yoga Journey is a yoga company that was created by three women, Rachel Glowacki a Kids’ Yoga Director, Danielle Cather Cohen a certified kid yoga teacher and Anne Tracy Emerson an Emmy award winning television producer and writer. Together they are developing yoga apps for children. When I first heard about their newest app, Kids Yoga Journey Presents: I Am Energy, I thought that it would be an instructional app. Something that would teach children yoga poses. I was wrong. Instead it is an artistic interpretation of song about our bodies that was written by Rachel and illustrated by Danielle. The app is more about connecting movement to music. The addition of the colorful, whimsical art showcases the lyrics and message of the song.

The song goes through the different parts of our body and the things that our bodies can do. There are simple animations to discover by tapping on the screen. Some examples of the lyrics are: Our hearts go thump, thump, thump. The voice in our throat says “peace and love”. The thoughts in our head say “I am smart”.

I like the message of I Am Energy and the song is catchy, the singer does a great job. The illustrations are colorful and well suited to the app’s overall feel. The only thing that I wished for was an “Auto Play” feature. Right now to advance through the song you tap an arrow. When you switch to a different screen the music pauses. I wanted it to continue and I wish there was a way for the music to play continuously. Other than that minor quibble I think Kids Yoga Journey Presents: I Am Energy is a very unique app, absolutely in a genre all it’s own!

Anne Emerson has provided me with a promo code for I AM Energy. This app is for the iPad so please only enter if you have that device. To enter leave a comment below, the contest will close on Friday, December 9th.

*This is an iPad only app.*

* * *

“Kids Yoga Journey Apps Bring Healthy Living to Tech Savvy Kids”

Source: Yoga In My School


I am Energy (iPad) connects music and movement following the lyrics for the song after the same name. The song based on the familiar tune ‘Wheels on the Bus’  and performed by Bari Koral has an encouraging, positive message. Each verse follows the chakras from root to crown providing a yoga-based activity and affirmation. The playful, color rich illustrations are engaging and fanciful. Children will enjoy the interactivity of simple animations discovered by tapping the screen during all nine verses.

My kids had fun playing with the animations on this app. Each screen includes all the animations of previous screens so you build as you go. I do wish it had an auto-play option and I found the leaf print words at the bottom of the screen easy to read but my eight year old did not. This is a beautiful intro to kids yoga for children aged 2-7.


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